Under the Supervision of Desire

Under the soft glow of The Moon, stories are hidden that will never see the light of day. Today, I bring you an exciting and secret narrative. Marta and Alejandro, a student and her English teacher, find themselves trapped in a web of desire and unspoken rules. How far will they go to satisfy their impulses? Join me in this story full of emotion and mystery, which will keep you captivated until your last breath.

Marta, a 27-year-old girl, and her best friend, Daniel, decided to enroll in an English course together to improve their language skills. They both shared the same motivation, and the idea of ​​doing it together seemed fun and useful. What Marta did not expect was to find someone who caught her attention so much in the classroom.

The English teacher, Alejandro, was an attractive and charismatic man, with a muscular physique, light eyes and a charming smile that could melt anyone. From the first day, Marta felt a strong attraction towards him. Alejandro maintained a strictly professional relationship, but over time, Marta noticed that there were small hidden flirtations, furtive glances and knowing smiles that lit the spark between them.

Despite these exchanges, their relationship remained largely professional. However, one day, Alejandro discreetly asked her out after class. He told her if she didn’t mind going out with a man with a girlfriend. Marta was stunned, she had never been in that situation and had always avoided getting involved with committed men. But Alejandro exerted an irresistible power over her, and the desire she had to be with him was difficult to ignore.

Confused, Marta consulted with Daniel about the invitation. Daniel, in his typical relaxed style, told her that as long as it didn’t affect her English course, she should do whatever she wanted. Without further ado, Marta decided to accept Alejandro’s invitation.

They went out a couple of times, and the physical attraction between them soon overflowed into a sexual encounter. Despite the intensity of their physical connection, the conversations between them were superficial and fleeting. Alejandro made it clear that they had to keep their interactions secret. Sometimes, at the end of a conversation, he would even ask her not to respond to any more messages because he was with his girlfriend. Marta, although at first she was surprised by this attitude, did not give it much importance, since what she felt for Alejandro did not go beyond physical desire.

Alejandro developed some strict rules to keep their relationship clandestine: no one was to see them or know about them, they could only talk when he could, and they were not to mix feelings, very important. Marta accepted the conditions, enjoying the adrenaline and pleasure that this adventure would bring her. They saw each other more often when leaving the course, meeting in cars or in discreet hotels. The secrecy of the moment and the constant risk only increased the excitement of their encounters, making each adventure together more intense and full of desire.

However, over time, the dynamic began to change. Alejandro began to develop feelings for Marta and want more than what they had agreed upon. He insisted on going out more, receiving more attention on the phone, gave her gifts, and looked for any excuse to be near her. Marta, for her part, was clear that she did not want anything beyond physical pleasure. He felt that Alejandro was invading a space that did not belong to him.

One day, while they were talking after one of their encounters, Alejandro started annoying her with comments about how amazing he was in bed and how Marta was lucky to be with him. He boasted about his skills and how he had been the best lover she had ever had, arrogantly bragging about his sexual exploits. Marta, tired of his inflated ego and his constant attempts to deepen the relationship, decided to put him in his place. With a cold and calculated look, he answered:

“What are you talking about? If you only have something to accomplish and you don’t even do it; you haven’t managed to make me have an orgasm, Alejandro.”

The comment left Alejandro impressed and with his mouth closed. The harsh truth of her words hit him hard, dismantling his vanity in an instant. From that day on, Marta felt that things began to change for him. Alejandro became more pushy and needy, constantly seeking validation and trying to compensate for the hit to his ego. He wanted to go out more, have more of her time and attention, doing everything he could to impress her and earn her approval.

Alejandro tried by all means to please Marta. He sent her more frequent messages, although always under his terms and rules, and tried to organize outings that did not simply involve clandestine meetings, he even said he did not care if they were seen in public. However, Marta maintained her firm stance, preventing their encounters from becoming anything more than mere sexual adventures.

Despite Alejandro’s attempts, Marta could not ignore how the situation made her feel increasingly overwhelmed. What had at first been exciting and forbidden was becoming an emotional burden that she was not willing to bear. Alejandro, who had been so firm in his initial rules about keeping the relationship strictly physical and without emotional commitments, now seemed to have forgotten those conditions. Their growing clinginess and constant demands for attention contrasted sharply with the freedom and lack of ties that Marta had expected from this adventure.

English classes, once her favorite times of the day, became uncomfortable and tense. Alejandro became increasingly insistent on trying to deepen their relationship, looking for any excuse to be closer to her and demanding more of her time and attention. Marta, for her part, was increasingly annoyed by the situation. She couldn’t understand how Alejandro, who had been so clear in his rules at the beginning, was now so emotionally involved, while she kept her own feelings firmly in control.

Alejandro’s insistence and his desperate need for attention began to annoy her deeply. She felt trapped in a situation that no longer provided her with the excitement and pleasure she had once enjoyed. The constant pressure from Alejandro, who frequently messaged her and looked for any opportunity to be with her, became suffocating. What had started as an exciting, commitment-free adventure had transformed into a source of stress and frustration.

Finally, Marta made the decision to end the situation. He stopped responding to Alejandro’s messages and avoided any unnecessary interaction, leaving behind an experience that, although exciting, had no place in his future.

Thus, under the watchful eye of The Moon, another of our secrets is revealed. Marta and Alejandro teach us that desire can break the barriers of what is forbidden, even if the price to pay is high. Thank you for sharing this evening with me, where hidden passions are revealed under the light of the Moon. Until next time, dear readers, where more intimate and captivating stories wait to be told.

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