The ironies of the life! He who much talks little does

Surely you’ve heard the old saying: “He who much talks little does” right? If your answer is yes and we are on the same page, it is possible that Ale’s story is one of those that also sounds familiar to you.

Ah, the ironies of life! Ale, with her outgoing spirit and thirst for adventure, found herself in a situation that left her stunned and, perhaps, a little disappointed. But isn’t it in those unexpected moments where the most interesting stories are forged?

Ale had always been the life of the party, a vibrant and energetic woman who seemed to light up any place she went. His magnetic personality attracted the attention of everyone around him, and he thoroughly enjoyed the attention he received when he went out. It wasn’t long before her path repeatedly crossed that of that mysterious boy who seemed to be equally captivated by her charm.

From the first meeting, their knowing glances and insinuating smiles created an instant connection between them. The spark of attraction was lit and grew quickly, leading them to follow each other on social networks and engage in increasingly provocative conversations on WhatsApp. With each interaction, the sexual tension and arousal intensified, fueling a mutual curiosity that drove them to explore the limits of their desire.

One Friday night, while Ale was partying with his best friends, the boy, named Iván, appeared by surprise. Between drinks and laughter, everyone began to talk openly about the topic of sex. Ale and her friend came to the conclusion that they did not need marathons of passion that lasted hours and hours. They stated, with mischief in their eyes, that a sexual encounter of just fifteen minutes could be enough. Iván and his friend, between laughter and mockery, assured that they were crazy, because they were capable of lasting two hours in bed. But Ale and her friend did not let themselves be intimidated and laughed at them, without giving too much importance to the conversation. They continued enjoying the music and drinks, not knowing that their little prank would turn into an unforgettable experience.

The connection between Ale and Iván continued to grow through their hot messages on the phone. Iván emphasized his desire to possess her, while Ale, always sincere, did not create expectations when it came to sex. It seemed that everything was going well between them, fueling the passion in that peculiar relationship they had built. However, they both knew deep down that their “relationship” did not go beyond satisfying their carnal desires.

One day, Iván decided to invite Ale out alone. They shared a delicious dinner and took advantage of that moment to get to know each other better. When the clock struck eight at night, Iván proposed that they stay together once and for all because he could no longer stand the desire to have her. Ale, eager to experiment, accepted without thinking twice. Although deep inside her, she felt a little uneasiness, as if something wasn’t quite right. Despite that, he decided to go ahead with the plan.

Once they were in the hotel room, the passion between them was unleashed without limits. They kissed passionately, thinking of nothing but the desire that consumed them. Their clothes began to disappear, revealing their bodies eager to explore new sensations. But just when they seemed to be on the verge of ecstatic connection, Ale noticed some discomfort in Iván. It turns out that his friend downstairs was not answering the call of desire.

Ale stopped immediately, worried about the situation. He tried to reassure Ivan, asking him what could be wrong and why his erection was not manifesting. Confused and embarrassed, Ivan admitted that nothing like this had ever happened to him before. Despite trying again, without the same emotion as before, the situation repeated itself. The intimate encounter remained elusive.

Ale, with understanding and affection, told Iván to relax, that he understood what was happening and that it was okay if they couldn’t have sex at that moment. With a mocking smile, he reminded Iván that ‘he who talks a lot, does little’, referring to all the things he had told him on WhatsApp and that night when he boasted about the duration he claimed to have in bed. Despite his mocking tone, Ale said it in a playful and confident tone, knowing that they could continue enjoying their connection and keep the conversations going as before. Although Ale felt a little disappointed, she still had confidence in her partner in mischief. Iván, between annoyance, embarrassment and nervous laughter, responded to Ale that she was annoying, but that she was right. Both shared a moment of complicity, recognizing that vain words do not always translate into concrete actions.

After that meeting, Ale and Iván continued to have their conversations for a while, although Ale chose not to try to get intimate with him in that way again. As the weeks passed, their interest in each other seemed to gradually wane, and the sparks that had previously ignited their connection slowly died out.

The talks that were once loaded with provocation and seduction began to lose their intensity. The messages became scarcer and more superficial, until, almost without warning, the flow of communication between them stopped completely. The conversations that used to be constant and full of complicity faded into nothing, as if they had never existed.

Ale and Iván lost all contact and never heard from each other again…

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