What are the erogenous zones of women and how to stimulate them?

Do you already know which are the areas that arouse a woman sexually? If you don’t know them, you are in the right place, since this time our article talks about the 7 erogenous zones to excite a woman.

When talking about erogenous or sexually arousing zones, it refers to those parts located in the body that have a higher density of nerve endings, which is why they are characterized by their sensitivity.

It is impressive and a bit complex that the G-spot is not the only place to stimulate a woman’s arousal, but that there are also other areas of the body that manage to raise her libido in an impressive way; In addition, women are more difficult when it comes to reaching the climax, since they need more stimulation, fun, and desire.

Now, the points or areas of the female anatomy that have the greatest sensitivity are:


The lips


For thousands of years, the lips were considered to be the most erogenous zone of the body, specifically considered by the Greeks; and this is because the lips have numerous nerve endings, which makes them sensitive and receptive to stimulation; that is why everything starts with kisses.


arch of the jaw


Believe it or not, the arch of the jaw is one of the most sensitive and erogenous areas of the woman, although it is not so well known, starting with kisses and soft breaths on the neck and then continuing with the same, but now in the jaw.

Helping to produce endorphin, which ends up causing a great orgasm.


The tongue


The tongue has nerves that release serotonin and dopamine, which is why rubbing the tip of the tongue against the other ends up raising the libido, allowing good enjoyment of the moment and sexual relations, just as, in some cases, it is linked to the falling in love process.


The neck


The neck is one of the most important areas of the woman because it is one of the most erogenous parts, so kisses on the neck are recommended, accompanying them with gentle massages on the hair and neck, you will end up noticing how her skin stands on end.




Specifically, the earlobes have great sensitivity due to the number of nerve endings they have, even comparable to those of the sexual organs.


the breasts


This is one of the areas that you probably know and master the most, it being ideal that you caress them while you look into her eyes with gently circular movements; In this way, you will be able to excite her with the simple touch of her nipples with your hands.


The thighs


The inner area of ​​the woman’s thighs is quite erogenous and this is because it is directly connected to the neuralgic points of pleasure; Take advantage of this to caress the entire internal area of ​​the same, you will notice how your pleasure and sexual desire increases significantly.