What happened last night?

We have all had an experience where we end up asking ourselves the same question; What happened last night? …

This is one of those experiences that makes you question the line between friendship and desire, between what is meant to be and what could have been. A story that begins in the mundane environment of a corporate office, where work relationships become intertwined with deeper emotions, and culminate in a night of passion and mystery that will change the course of a life forever…

María was a talented and fun young woman who worked for a multinational company. Her position involved her interacting with a wide variety of people, and her area was predominantly male, which meant that most of the colleagues she spent the most time with were men.

She always received compliments about her attractiveness in the office, but María had never felt the temptation to start something romantic with a colleague. For her, professionalism was essential in the work environment, and she preferred to keep personal relationships outside of that world. Although the compliments were nice, Maria ignored them.

However, one day everything changed when she met Daniel. It was during one of those endless team meetings where the hours seemed to fade away between presentations and discussions. Among the crowd of familiar faces, one in particular caught Maria’s attention. Daniel, with his confident demeanor and infectious smile, stood out from the crowd. María felt a magnetic attraction towards him from the first moment their eyes met.

But beyond his physical attractiveness, it was his playful energy and sense of humor that really captivated Maria. In every interaction, Daniel demonstrated an ability to make her laugh and feel comfortable like she had never experienced before.

As they began to collaborate on projects and share ideas, Maria discovered deeper layers to Daniel’s personality. He discovered his passion for art and music, his love for adventure and his dedication to his work. Every conversation with him was like a window to a new and exciting world, and Maria found herself increasingly intrigued by the man behind the charming smile.

Over time, the friendship between María and Daniel became a safe haven in the midst of the chaos of the work world. They shared confidences, supported each other through professional challenges, and laughed together at funny moments. Every moment they spent together only served to deepen the connection between them, and Maria found herself increasingly drawn to Daniel’s presence in her life.

For almost a year, María and Daniel maintained a friendly relationship, enjoying each other’s company at work. They shared confidences, supported each other through professional challenges, and laughed together at funny moments.

But not everything was serious and work. Between laughter and complicity, they enjoyed the small moments of happiness that life offered them. Whether sharing funny stories in the office or sneaking out to a nearby bar to enjoy a beer after a tiring day, Maria and Daniel knew how to make every moment together special.

María found herself increasingly attracted to Daniel’s presence, his intelligence and his ability to make her feel special. Although she was reluctant to admit it, her thoughts often drifted to romantic scenarios with him, imagining what it could be like if they allowed themselves to explore a relationship beyond friendship. However, he was also afraid of ruining their working relationship and facing the complications that could arise if things didn’t work out between them.

One day, after a company event, the entire team decided to go out for a few drinks to celebrate. The atmosphere was lively and full of energy, and Maria let herself be carried away by the emotion of the moment. The night continued with laughter and jokes, but the tension between Maria and Daniel was palpable, charged with a new awareness of what they could be together. As the night wore on, the alcohol flowed and inhibitions faded, Maria found herself ever closer to Daniel, unable to resist the magnetism that brought them together. Without realizing it, he began to drink more than usual, losing track of time and space as the night progressed.

When she finally regained consciousness, Maria found herself in an unfamiliar room, wearing only her underwear and with no memory of how she had gotten there. Panic washed over her as she tried to remember what had happened that night, but it was all a blur in her mind.

Determined to clear up her doubts, María sought out Daniel to talk about what had happened. But before he could find him, he received news that he had been transferred to another country for work reasons. Maria’s heart sank as she realized that she would never have the chance to talk to him about that embarrassing night.

As time went by, Maria learned to accept that some things just weren’t meant to be. Although he never found out what really happened that night, he took comfort in knowing that, at least for a moment, he had been close to the person who made his heart beat faster.

And so, Maria continued with her life, carrying with her the memory of that lost night and the lesson that sometimes fate has its own plans, even when it comes to love.

Has something like this happened to you?

¿Te ha pasado algo así?

Do you dare to tell us your experience?

¿Te atreves a contarnos tu experiencia?

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