Magic Honey Blister of 3 sachets for women (10 gr each)


For women who want to stay active and vital during long periods of activity, the Blister of 3 Magic Honey Sachets is the ideal choice. This pack provides you with a constant source of energy, allowing you to enjoy every moment without exhausting yourself.



3 sachets of 100% Natural Energizing Honey for women.


  • Resistance: Keeps you in constant movement.
  • Immunizing: Strengthens your immune system naturally.
  • Energizing: Get constant and sustainable energy.

How to use?
It can be consumed directly from the sachet as a shot of power and energy, you can add it to your juices and it works perfectly as a natural sweetener, you can pour honey directly into your favorite foods.

Additional information

Weight2.4 oz
Dimensions7 × 3.5 × 0.5 in