What is better? swallow or spit

One of the debates that exist, but remains silent due to the taboo that surrounds it, is whether it is better to swallow or spit out the ejaculate when performing oral sex.

Believe it or not, a study revealed that 62% of people have practiced it. What gives debate if it is better to do it or not and if swallowing the semen brings health benefits.

Now, although the subject in question is not in the public domain, as mentioned above, many people do it, but is it for fun or because of social pressure?

A field study carried out on people who have never done this practice showed that 56.9% of men want to try it, but only 12.5% ​​of women want to try ejaculation in the mouth.

In general terms, this is a sexual practice that generates more interest in men than in women. And although this seems very obvious to us, the truth is that for thousands of years semen has been linked to strength and power, but then?


Is consuming semen good?


Surely you have already come across a lot of articles on the internet that talk about the benefits of semen and one of the best known is that it helps to avoid acne on the face if it is applied in that place, but if you are not very clear about it, we will tell you some benefits that semen has according to the internet:

  • Improves the appearance of the hair
  • Improves the appearance of nails and teeth
  • Fight depression
  • Benefits the immune system
  • Decreases some cancers
  • Increases muscle development

And this is not all, there really are endless benefits, but these supposed benefits have no real scientific basis. Now the semen is a bodily fluid that is produced in the ejaculation of the penis, it is composed of sperm and the other part is seminal fluid. It is mentioned that the precum contains protein, but its actual amount is 160 mg.

If consuming semen supposedly helps to increase muscle mass, it would have to be produced in impossible quantities to achieve this benefit, since the actual amount of protein it produces is very little and would not be enough for all these benefits.

Now, semen does work to prevent pregnancy risks such as preeclampsia or abortion risks, although more scientific research is needed to confirm this.


Why is semen so important?


For thousands of years, civilizations and cultures have viewed semen as a symbol of virility. In ancient Greece, they considered that semen came from the gods and was valuable for the creation of humanity.

In the case of the ancient Egyptian they considered that the world was formed through the ejaculation of the god Atum; and for the Hindus, the god Brahma formed himself from his own semen and gave way to the creation of everything else. And who does not know the story of Cleopatra? The story says that this queen used semen as a regenerative and revitalizing fluid for the skin.

For all of the above and the new urban stories that we get on the internet, they promote the belief that semen is a source of “eternal life”, but the truth is that all of this is myth. Today, we know that it is only essential for reproduction.

But, if we go back to the main question, is it better to swallow or spit? We tell you that everything is a matter of taste, what we recommend is that sexual practice must be done safely.