To reach orgasm it is much more than penetration

Men! Although in movies and narratives, orgasm is something that is easily reached, in real life it is not like that; It can even be considered as a challenge, especially for the female sex. So to reach orgasm, it is much more than penetration.

Society sees it as dysfunctional or problematic if orgasm is not achieved in a certain way or at a specific time; but with some studies it was found that 70% of women fail to reach orgasm through penetration.

For some men it is frustrating that their partner does not reach orgasm, it can even make them question the relationship; However, today I bring you excellent news.

Yes, there is a way to have a more satisfying, pleasurable and climax-filled sexual relationship!

First of all, it is important to understand your partner, to know what he wants and what he likes. It should be noted that female orgasms are more emotional; that is, if his mind and body are not on the same page, there is a good chance that he will end up faking the climax so that you stop as soon as possible.

Time to penetration

Don’t make the mistake of going too fast. Why don’t you take your time? For some women, it is quite uncomfortable to be penetrated without having entered the game yet; don’t think they get turned on just by touching her nipples or clitoris.

Prior to sex

Take the time to have some foreplay, kiss her from head to toe, hug her, caress her, tease, play, make her feel desired; stimulate her G-spot and clitoris with your fingers, a toy, or your tongue.

Some women claim that it is better to have an orgasm before sex; since, the chances of reaching the next climax increase, being with a higher level of intensity.

Ejaculation time

Find your rhythm, when we watch some adult movies, it is visualized as everything is fast, so most men go at an accelerated pace during sexual intercourse, however, it is not recommended, since the man will ejaculate before than expected.

There is no correct way and rhythm to have sex, but a combination of fast and slow can be the key; along with different positions depending on your tastes and preferences.

And it turns out that it is not that difficult, you just need to know that women are a combination of mind and body, and that reaching orgasm is much more than penetration.