Sexual positions for greater enjoyment of women

Sexual positions for greater enjoyment of women

One of the ways to achieve an oasis of pleasure that couples enjoy is through sexual positions.

Although there is endless information on this subject, many couples are inhibited from experimenting due to fear or ignorance.

Women in particular are afraid of what their partner might think or fear of being judged by society. But these prejudices should not limit sexual enjoyment.

Knowing your body and increasing pleasure are one of the ways to empower sexuality between the couple.

For women, reaching orgasm is not always easy, but there are sexual positions that allow you to stimulate the clitoris and have a delicious time.

That is why we want to leave you these 5 sexual positions for greater enjoyment of women.


1. The goddess of fire


She should place her pelvis on her partner’s legs, stick her knees together and bent over to achieve a slow and pleasurable penetration.

By keeping the back arched, the genital area will be discovered. In addition, the penis will be touching the front part of the vagina, where the largest nerve endings that allow orgasm are.

The man can take advantage of the opening of the female organ to stimulate it with his thumb, thus giving the woman greater pleasure.


2. The iron


The woman is placed completely upside down, while the man is on top of her, they can both intertwine their legs to generate greater intimacy.

The pressure exerted on the pubis causes a greater sensation in penetration. This position can be applied after oral sex or after reaching an orgasm, since it can achieve a second rush of sensations.

You can press your hand against the lips and generate even more pleasure, allowing the orgasm to lengthen.


3. Everything for me


It is a position of dominance for her, at the same time it is usually romantic and easy to perform.

The man will be sitting on a chair or space where he is comfortable and she will sit in front of him on her legs.

The trick is that both he and she can stimulate the clitoris, in order to reach orgasm, he can also stimulate the breasts with his mouth, causing greater pleasure.


4. The magic mirror


This position not only allows you to stimulate yourself due to penetration, but also by how you see your reflection in the mirror while you feel all the pleasure.

It consists of a variation of the doggy style, but it is done standing in front of a mirror, the man will be behind her and will penetrate her genital area, while both are reflected in the mirror, which will be very erotic.

The man can touch her breasts or stimulate her clitoris in the process.


5. Tetris


She lies on her side while he penetrates her from the front, while their legs are intertwined, this will cause the front part of the female genital area to be stimulated, in turn, he can touch and stimulate the clitoris.

In addition, the woman can play more with the man while touching his legs and both will be able to fully enjoy themselves.


These five sexual positions will increase the pleasure not only of the woman, but also of the man and will allow the sexual relationship to be fluid and pleasant.


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