Penis of blood Vs Penis of meat.

Many people believe in the myth that a small penis is equivalent to a poor sex life, which has created prejudices around it; That is why we have this article for you, penis of blood vs penis of meat.

The size of the penis is a constant and sometimes frustrating topic for men, due to the mistaken idea that the larger the size, the greater the pleasure.

However, it is not true, there are simply physical differences, which is normal; and in this case, there are two types of penises known as: the penis of blood and the penis of meat.

We already know that this organ is cavernous, which works through a mechanism that responds to stimuli; filling the caverns with blood, and in this way a type of swelling is created that blocks the veins that are responsible for draining blood.

And this is how this organ remains rigid, erect and hardened; then yes, you already know the process of the penis to reach the state of erection.

blood penis

This type of penis is quite small and flaccid (this is normal); which has the narrowest cavernous walls, means that the blood deposits are larger or more numerous.

In this way it is stated that this type of penis in an erect state is capable of increasing its size twice or more than twice that in its natural state, thus being able to have a satisfactory sexual activity and without any problems.

meat penis

Now the penis of flesh is of considerable size in its normal state; but for the same reason, it has fewer or smaller caverns, which means that, in its state of erection, it does not increase as much, thus its difference is hardly noticeable when it is stimulated.

Did you know…

both in normal state have a quite noticeable size difference; however, in their erect state they become similar.

Goodbye, frustrating myth!