Low Sexual Desire in Men

Reduced libido in men

Without a doubt, sexual appetite and correct sexual functioning are necessary for a full life. When we talk about decreased libido, low sexual desire in women usually comes to mind, however, Low sexual desire in men is a complex topic that is not talked about much.

Culturally, man is associated with virility and an insatiable desire to perpetuate the species. But the reality is that there are fluctuations in his hormonal levels (among other factors) that can cause his desire to drop or disappear, thus affecting his quality of life and his intimate relationships. Factors like Depression, stress, alcoholism, illegal drug use and fatigue can often trigger the loss of sexual desire in men.

Although it is natural for men to notice a gradual reduction in their sexual desire (libido) as they age. This reduction is variable and will clearly depend on the man’s lifestyle and health levels. Most men maintain at least some sexual interest between the ages of 60 and 80. Disorders such as fatigue and anxiety can cause sexual desire (libido) to vary greatly and may even decrease temporarily, either due to age or external factors such as vices or stress.

What is Low Sexual Desire in Men?

When a man’s sexual desire remains low, it can affect his relationships, since it not only affects his sexual performance but inevitably hits his self-esteem.

Causing conflicts on a personal and intimate level. When libido decreases, men have fewer sexual thoughts and fantasies, as well as less interest in sex, and the frequency of sexual activity is reduced. Even sexual stimulation by various means such as visual, auditory or contact ceases to arouse interest.

Although men with low libido often retain their sexual function, the desire simply isn’t there. Sometimes they have sexual relations to satisfy their partner.

Low sexual desire, also known as low libido, refers to a persistent decrease or complete absence of interest in sex. This condition manifests itself in various ways, from a gradual decrease in desire to a complete lack of willingness for any sexual activity. In short, it is the lack of sexual appetite in men, that is, the loss of interest in sexual satisfaction.

Causes of Low Sexual Desire

Low sexual desire in men can be the result of a variety of physical, emotional and psychological factors. Some possible causes include hormonal imbalances, stress, depression, anxiety, problems in relationships, side effects of some medications, among other causes that we will mention below:

  • Lack of primary desire: This occurs when the man does not have, or has very little ability to have sexual fantasies or ideas and behaviors with sexual purposes are scarce.
  • Lack of secondary desire: It manifests itself as a sudden loss of libido, with low or no frequency of erections.
  • Generalized lack of desire: It happens to those who do not feel sexual desire for anyone. This would be the case of asexual people.
  • Lack of situational desire: In this case, the person feels sexual desire normally but may lose it in a specific situation or with a specific person they are not able to feel that desire (for example with their partner).

When It Usually Occurs:

Low sexual desire can occur in men of all ages, although it is more common as they age. However, this is not the rule, it can also affect younger men, especially if they have high levels of stress, anxiety or depression.

Factors to take into account when men’s sexual appetite decreases:

  • Age. In some men over the age of 65 there is usually a decrease in sexual desire or a total loss of interest in sex.
  • Testosterone deficiency or thyroid disorders.
  • Anxiety, stress or depression.
  • Relationship problems or interpersonal conflicts.
  • Systemic diseases such as: heart, liver, kidney, etc.
  • Adverse effects of certain medications.
  • Excessive drug or alcohol use

What to Do If You Experience Low Sexual Desire

Natural ways to raise libido

  • Try to have a good sleep schedule.
  • Practice a sport or hobby.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Work to improve your relationships.
  • If necessary, talk to a therapist.

Curiosities about Low Sexual Desire

  • Approximately 15% of men report experiencing low sexual desire at some point in their lives.
  • Low libido may also be associated with other medical conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.
  • Erectile dysfunction and low sexual desire do not always go hand in hand; some men can experience one without the other.
  • Sex therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy have been shown to be effective in treating low sexual desire in some men.

Lack of male sexual desire is a common and treatable problem that can have a significant impact on quality of life. If you are experiencing this condition, do not hesitate to seek professional help. With proper treatment, it is possible to regain a healthy and satisfying interest in sexual activity.

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