Intimacy during the Menstrual Period: Myths, Facts and Advice

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Menstruation is a natural and normal process in the lives of many women, but what about intimacy during those days of the month? Well the answer is that you can enjoy your sexuality without having to be self-conscious or ashamed. With the necessary care you can enjoy a full sexual life without having to pause it certain days of the month.

Today we will talk to you about what intimacy is like when you are in your days, from myths and taboos to scientific realities, through practical advice and answers to frequently asked questions, we will guide you through this topic so that you can make informed decisions and enjoy a full and healthy intimate life.

Scientific Realities:

The menstrual period is the result of a complex hormonal process in a woman’s body. At this time, the lining of the uterus is shed and is discarded through the vagina. Although the chances are low, it is possible to get pregnant during menstruation, especially when the menstrual cycle is short and ovulation occurs early.

However, it is less likely to occur compared to other times in the menstrual cycle. In cases where there is an interruption of the menstrual period during intimate relations, this may be due to the stimulation of the uterus during sexual intercourse, which can cause the body to temporarily “forget” to continue with the menstrual flow.

Having sex during your period can have certain benefits and even be healthy. Some women find a certain extra connection with their partner, stating that sex during menstruation strengthens the bond between them. In fact, many claim that sexual arousal is greater during these days. Taking into account that the hormones released during orgasm can help relieve period headaches and even menstrual cramps.

Myths and Taboos:

There are many myths and taboos around intimacy during menstruation. For decades the topic of menstruation has been treated as taboo and something to be ashamed or modest about. But there is certainly nothing dirty or dangerous about menstrual blood. When having sexual relations, they release a variety of fluids, blood being another fluid.

What differentiates it is the amount and how the couple handles it. Menstrual fluids should not be a problem at the time of intercourse. Some people mistakenly believe that having intimate relationships during this period is unhealthy, which is not necessarily true. Menstruation is a natural and normal process of the female body and should not be a cause for shame or discomfort. Challenging these myths is important to encourage a more open and positive attitude towards sexuality and women’s health. Sex during your period is no different from having sex at any other time of the month, in fact it can even be more pleasurable.

Practical tips:

Although it may be a little messy and everything ends up stained, there are many ways to find comfort to have a satisfying and exciting intimate encounter. Communication with your partner is essential when it comes to intimacy during the menstrual period.

Talking about concerns and preferences so that you both feel comfortable and safe is essential. Already at the time of action, you can consider alternatives such as bathing together, using tampons or the most common, placing towels so that it is easier to clean everything later and comfort and hygiene are maintained at all times. Also explore other forms of intimacy and connection during this period, such as massage or non-penetrative intimacy.

Frequent questions:

When is it best to have sex during the menstrual cycle?

Each woman is independent and everything will depend on her preferences and moods, comfort is also an important factor.

How to approach intimacy if my partner is on his or her days?

The communication is very important. Talk openly with your partner about your concerns and preferences. It will make the discomfort go into the background.

What can I do if I have concerns or discomfort during menstrual intimacy?

If any discomfort or pain affects or prevents the full enjoyment of your sexual life or during menstrual intimacy, it is important to go to a health professional. There they can offer you personalized advice and recommendations to handle these situations in the best way.

Do you feel pleasure during your period?

Studies have proven The cervix lowers, which increases the sensations of pleasure and the sensitivity of the vagina. Although for some women it can be uncomfortable during penetration, for others it can be very pleasurable.

Many women do not feel confident having sex during their period. The first thing we have to do to have satisfactory intimate encounters during our period is to free ourselves from shame and prejudice.

In this way, intimacy during the menstrual period is a personal issue that deserves to be addressed with openness, understanding and respect. When enjoying a full and satisfying intimate life at all stages of your life, the menstrual cycle should not be deprived of such sensations. Remember that the Open and honest communication with your partner is essential to maintaining a healthy and satisfying relationship in all aspects of intimate life.