How to do a good foreplay?

Every time we are going to have sexual encounters, we cannot stop thinking about the previous one, about how to start that encounter to get out of the routine and thus experience new experiences, this happens a lot in long-term relationships, since on a daily basis , they fall into routines and having relationships ends up being a physiological necessity but not for pleasure or desire.

Foreplay does not only refer to oral sex, there are more options that you can experience with your partner, and this will depend on what each one wants, as they say, the sky is the limit… We bring you a summary of some options for a magical foreplay.


let out the fears


It is true what they say that our fears are our worst enemy, you must get rid of them, thinking that everything must be perfect can play against you, since you will be careful to do everything perfect, and you will lose the emotion of the moment. In sex, anything goes, so let your imagination fly and trust that everything will be fine.


Gentle massages in the head area


Head massages are the best remedy for the stress of a long day, the sensation of the fingers on the scalp, in addition to relaxing, give way to the divinity of the moment, to relax in your arms.

In addition, the head has some points to stimulate it and excite you, giving way to a more pleasant sexual act. Give him a gentle massage on the scalp, going down to the neck and chest or back.


Caress her thighs


One of the universal signs, prior to a sexual encounter, is caressing the thighs like a romp, accompanied by mischievous looks, where you give entry to the imagination until waiting for the time of their meeting alone.

At that family dinner, or going out to the movies, gently caress her thighs, letting your hand slide to her most intimate area, even if she wanted to run out of that public place to indulge in that game.


Eye contact


For many it is very erotic to maintain eye contact when performing oral sex or in some position in sex, so when you are with your partner, try to make more eye contact while you are in the game of caresses and kisses, and when touching its parts, try to look at it with the mischief that only you know in your privacy.




Masturbation in front of your partner is usually one of the requests made by men, since they are more visual, and they would love to see how you caress yourself, in addition to showing them how you like it, it serves to ignite that flame of passion that will make them I throw you to satisfy you.

You can use Magic honey when masturbating, so that when you have oral sex, you can feel the sweetness and increase the pleasure, you can also show him the path you want him to take.

Playing will always help to break the ice or the routine, a little emotion and laughter will always give you a good start, foreplay with some spice and eroticism will stimulate your partner’s imagination and desire.

There are endless options to enjoy a special meeting, you just have to feel like it and let your imagination run wild.

Turn magic honey and magic delay into your daily allies and thus elevate your experiences to the maximum.