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We all have different ways of reacting to love breakups, the emotions that build up and end up exploding from the pressure, some cry and get depressed and others seek revenge depending on each person’s personality.

Each sign of the Zodiac reacts in a particular way, we leave you the most marked reactions of each one.


an impatient, impulsive and vengeful sign, so depending on how the breakup was and the reasons, Aries will take revenge or, he will remove his ex from his life and everywhere, to not know anything more about that person.

An important detail, Aries does not mourn the dead.


Although people usually describe Taurus as a cold and stubborn sign, the bull is quite sensitive, so if he is in a breakup and he really loved that person, the world comes crashing down on him, being a pretty hard blow.

so he takes refuge in his room, in music, in books and sometimes in food.


even if they show that it does not affect them, the truth is that it does; They have a bit of a hard time getting over things, but they manage to heal themselves; they take refuge in outings, parties, etc. Pretending that nothing happens.


This little crab is characterized by being irritable, so before the breakup he will make a whole drama.

Although it won’t last that long because it’s a sign that doesn’t have a hard time falling in love, so in the blink of an eye, you’ll already have someone else.


many times the lion may be suffering in silence and taking refuge in his closest people, but he knows that everything in this life is gone; so he sees the break as a new opportunity.


Anxiety takes over Virgo, taking them to a state of madness, where what goes through their heads all day are doubts and questions that they cannot answer; but he ends up facing his breakup, and although it is difficult for him, he manages to let go and continue.


Nothing is going well for her, the world is coming down on her, and it is sure that she will create a drama, but it won’t take long for her to get over the situation and enter into a new relationship.


No matter how the relationship ends, only in some special cases if it ends on good terms, you can become friends with your ex without any problem; Although he usually does not talk to the past, however, at first he will feel empty, he will not have such a good time and he leans on his friends; but ends up getting over it.


he will use the break as an excuse to go on a trip, get to know a new place and clear his mind; It is not that I have a great time, but the further away the faster to overcome.


he tries to pretend that everything is fine, however, it won’t be long before he tries to fix the situation if he really cares; although he usually buries his exes, ending up getting over it.


She won’t like to talk about it, so if her friends tell her to go out, she’ll do it without thinking to clear her mind and it’s best if they don’t even ask about the breakup, just as if it had never happened.


a super sensitive and weak sign, so they will suffer a lot from the breakup, but they try to go out and find someone to spend the night with, and thus not stay at home punishing themselves, it also helps them to talk a lot with their friends about what they feel; and it could be said that it may take years for you to get over it or even never, but that depends on how much the other person has influenced your life.

So you know how each sign deals with a breakup

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