The crystallization of honey, causes and how to return it to its liquid state

Did you know that the crystallization of honey is a natural process?

It does not mean deterioration or loss of nutritional properties; on the contrary, it is a guarantee that the honey has not been thermally processed and maintains its natural properties.

Why does honey crystallize?

Surely you have asked yourself many times if it is normal for bee honey to crystallize, and the truth is that yes, it is normal for this to happen, since the components that honey contains give it this crystallization effect. Because it is a supersaturated solution.

This occurs due to the sugar level in the honey (more than 80%) and only 20% water. Glucose tends to precipitate out of solution, and the solution changes to a more stable supersaturated state.

Some of these components are glucose and fructose which are what give this crystallization effect, this will also depend on where the honey has been extracted, for example, Africanized honey or honey that comes from cold climates, it takes between 8 and 10 days for crystallization, this is due to the fact that the flowers of cold climates have a sweeter nectar. Contrary to hot climates, where there are extensive crops of sweet fruits such as sugar cane. In this case, the honey takes longer to crystallize, and it also tends to change colors during this process.

What to do when honey has crystallized?

  •  Place the container or envelope of crystallized honey in a pot.
  •  Place approximately 5 centimeters of water over low heat for at least 5 minutes or until the honey begins to melt.
  • Done, the honey will be softened again and ready to use.

Our Energizing Honey is 100% natural and is made up of 97% bee honey, so it can present this natural crystallization process.

Although this can work effectively, it is not highly recommended to do it repeatedly, since as we heat and clean the honey it loses its properties. Although liquid honey is easier to handle, it is true that crystallized honey concentrates the properties and preserves its rich flavor and the best thing is that it preserves all the properties.