How to take Magic Honey?

Our special Magic Honey formula has become the ally of many, since this 100% natural stimulant, composed of honey, cinnamon with exotic seeds such as guarana and tongkat ali promote the act for much longer, delaying ejaculation, also increasing sexual desire and filling you with energy.

Today we will explain how long it takes for magic honey to take effect and how to take it.

If you wonder, how is Magic Honey taken? It is recommended to take magic honey directly from the sachet as a power shot, or if you wish you can combine it with any type of recreational drink or also as a topping or sweeten your fruits, juices or salads.

Being 97% pure honey, Magic Honey is a very versatile product when it comes to consuming it, you can create delicious recipes and provide all the benefits it contains.

Thanks to the natural ingredients, you can eat 1 sachet of 10 grams every 24 hours. Our formula does not contain side effects, in the case of a person with diabetes or hypertension it is recommended that you consult your trusted doctor.


How long does Magic Honey take to take effect?


The effect of magic honey in the body usually occurs in a period of time between 30 to 60 minutes and in some cases it lasts for about 24 hours.

Take advantage of your intimate moments by increasing enjoyment as a couple, also raise energy levels so that you can carry out your physical activities by regulating metabolism and filling your immune system with vitality.


especially for men


Thanks to its natural, selected and high-quality ingredients, the magic honey formula is designed primarily for men (over 18 years of age).

Among the benefits of magic honey, we can mention that thanks to its energy contribution, it helps physical activities, and providing energy on a daily basis.


Our Magic Honey contains

  • Honey:

has a high content of vitamins B and C plus minerals that stimulate the production of sex hormones, in some cases there are men who have used it as a natural treatment against premature ejaculation

  • Cinnamon:

fulfills its function as an energizer, its consumption prevents blood sugar spikes and successive dips, which keeps the energy level constant.

  • Guarana:

In addition to being an energizer due to its caffeine compound, guarana has stimulants that, combined with other plants, act as an aphrodisiac.

  • The Tongkat Ali:

increases muscle strength and strength, provides many benefits in the production of testosterone, is used in some cases to increase sports and sexual performance.


Magic honey can be taken with alcohol


For the reasons mentioned above Magic Honey does not present complications or side effects, and because it has natural ingredients you can combine it with whatever you want, even with alcohol.

Do not miss the opportunity to live a magical experience, visit our official store and start to improve your life.