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We could not have a start to the year 2023 without a special event such as Mercury retrograde. This event has a great effect on people, changing their way of thinking and acting in various situations in life, especially in relationships. Do not be surprised if we observe the reactions of others and even yours that are different from what was expected, if it happens… give thanks to Mercury and its changes.

Although some people think that this stage is equal to having several conflicts, these days it is only in charge of teaching you the things that you need to reverse in your life and the positive changes that you must make, remember that it is not a good time to make decisions on the list of year’s resolutions, at least during this period.

From December 29 to January 18 of this year 2023, Mercury will be retrograde in Capricorn, which will be a moment of reflection.

What is mercury retrograde?

Mercury is one of the smallest planets in our solar system and is closest to the sun. Its size is slightly larger than Earth’s moon and it has a rocky surface with large craters, which translates into a planet with a lack of warmth.

But from the point of view of Mercury astrology is a planet that governs communication, intellect and memory of each zodiac sign, therefore, Mercury takes on vital relevance in relationships, be they work, friendship or couples and plays in communication, in addition to this, everything that has to do with energy may undergo some adjustments or be damaged.

When we refer to retrograde, we are talking about a reversal that the planets do for a certain time. In relation to Mercury, this does not mean that it regresses its pace, but that it slows it down and in the optics of the earth this event occurs.

Retrograde Mercury can cause conflicts between people, mental processes are slower, many plans do not arise, in some cases it is recommended to let these days go by and avoid making important decisions that could influence a change in life, but not everything is negative. We want to bring you the advantages of each sign to face this period in the best way, and try to get out unscathed.

Retrograde Mercury and its effects on the signs of the water element (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)

The water signs are emotional, sensitive and devoted to life, they flow like water at all times, which makes them free. They are transparent when they relate. His purity and dedication are some of his strongest qualities.

Sign Cancer

Fears and fears will be seen on the surface in these weeks. Prevent these fears from taking over you and generating anxiety, see this event as the ideal moment to meet your center.

Scorpio sign

Retrograde Mercury will affect Scorpio, long-hidden things will come out and conflicts will be present in communication.

Finances will be affected. The dominant side will come out in front of other people. Don’t allow fears and pride to cloud your judgment. Time for balance and reflection.

Pisces sign

Time to connect with your emotions and feelings. Focus your efforts on the spiritual aspects. Reconnect with your relatives and remember that mental health is as important as physical.

Retrograde Mercury and its effects on the earth element signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

They are focused and serious, emotions are in the background. For them, decisions are made based on analysis and logic. His wise advice is an excellent option for those who resort to his help.

Taurus sign

Taurus is characterized by its security and strength, but this astrological change can seriously affect this personality, which is why it must reflect, not only on material issues, but also emotionally. Reevaluate your emotions and goals and put your priorities in place.

Virgo sign

Although Mercury is ruler of this sign, this time it is not on itself, therefore, it is time to rethink goals, focus on new businesses and delve into future plans. It is time to grow.

Capricorn sign

For you only take into account in this period the programming and reflection on lifestyle, work, health and personal relationships. Time to make new plans and prioritize your physical and mental health.

Retrograde Mercury and its effects on the fire element signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)

They live life with freedom and intensity, they believe that opportunities must be sought and that only they can achieve the success they desire. Freedom for them is the priority at all times.

Aries sign

It is time to reflect on all those aspects of your life, meditate and ask yourself what you should improve for this new year. Reflect on how to communicate with your environment. If you have a conflict, it is time to smooth things over. Avoid taking things to extremes.

Leo sign

Moment of concentration and reflection on aspects of life, friendships, partner and family. Avoid problems, stay away from everything that can cause arguments. Although tension is perceived with friends.

Sagittarius sign

He is facing situations that he has refused to see for a long time, so it is time to put an end to it. It is time to meditate and rethink personal relationships. This astrological phenomenon will allow you to guide you to new goals.

Retrograde Mercury and its effects on the air element signs (Geminis, Libra and Aquarius)

Creativity and freedom are part of his qualities. They are bold and adventure lovers. He likes perfection and being in control of the situation.

Gemini sign

Mercury is your ruling star, being the protagonist of this moment. Put your goals and ambitions on the scale and internalize everything you want to achieve.

Libra sign

It is an opportunity for change, growth and new goals, everything you think about is what you will attract. Review your beliefs, your thoughts and what you are focusing your efforts on. Take advantage of the flowering period.

Aquarius sign

You will reflect on moments of reunion between you and your being. Meditate on your moments of creativity. In these days the sensitivity will be present, try to relax and live fully.


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