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It will never be okay to receive a dick pic, without your approval; That is why this time we bring you “when they send you an unwanted dick pic”.

The dick pic or photopenis is something that was born together with mobile phones, never before in the history of humanity have so many male sexual images been registered, since, previously, to obtain any photo you had to go to a photographic studio that revealed the images, which made this possibility almost impossible.

According to some studies, currently more than half of the women have received, at least once, a photo of a penis that they had not asked for; being unpleasant, even if it is from a person for whom you have some affection.

What makes women wonder what do I do now? That is why today we bring you this article.

It will never be right for them to send you a dick pic without their prior permission, even if there is some trust;  It doesn’t matter if it’s just a joke, to send a photo of your body before you must have received a clear and evident “Yes”; since consent is important to carry out any action that involves another person.

Can you send the photo to his mother?  In 2017 Madi Kohn, a student tired of receiving these types of images, warned through her Tinder biography that “if you send me a picture of your penis, I will send it to your mother”.

And since what exists the most are daring men, he received a photopenis through Instagram from a man who had matched on Tinder and got it through this means, to which Madi Kohn complied with what was said; After investigating who the stalker’s mother was, he sent her the image, to which the lady ended up apologizing.

Answer something unexpected, you can use a large number and variety of phrases to answer these photos, about the color or size (not flattering) to anything that is in the background of the image or, make a meme of this image.

You can turn them into art, the artist and activist Whitney Bell decided to put together an art exhibition with all the dick pics she had received throughout her life, which she called I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics ( I have not asked for this: a lifetime of photopenis); what ended up becoming a feminist justice discourse against harassment through the internet, towards women.

Whatever you do, take care; Although through this article we have taught you about several actions that you can take, and that have worked before; This is a subject of harassment and it is not a joke, where many times the best solution is simply to report and block this user, to prevent this harassment from growing.

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